Primalist Spells

List of spells and songs for each magic using class
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Primalist Spells

Postby Moshu-X » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:39 am

Level 0

----Essence of the Bull
----Bark Skin

Level 1

----Essence of the Cat

Level 2

----Essence of the Bear

Level 3

----Essence of the Fox

Level 4

----Essence of the Owl

Level 5

----Essence of the Peacock

Level 6

----Essence of the Monkey

Level 7

----Essence of the Crocodile

Level 8

----Essence of the Squirel

Level 9

----Essence of the Puma

Level 10

----Essence of the Wolf
----Tainted Breath

Level 11

----Minor Nature Regrowth
----Summon Hare

Level 12

----Minor Nature Restoration

Level 13

----Nibbing Crawlers

Level 14

----Thorny Thicket

Level 15

----Toxic Cloud
----Summon Fox

Level 16

----Toxic Weapons
----Summon Boar

Level 17

----Essence of the Jaguar
----Summon Lynx

Level 18

----Essence of the Eagle
----Lesser Magic Snare

Level 19

----Essence of the Cheetah

Level 20

----Quintessence of the Bull
----Stone Skin

Level 21

----Quintessence of the Cat

Level 22

----Quintessence of the Bear

Level 23

----Quintessence of the Fox

Level 24

----Quintessence of the Owl

Level 25

----Quintessence of the Peacock
----Envenomed Fang

Level 26

----Quintessence of the Monkey

Level 27

----Quintessence of the Crocodile

Level 28

----Quintessence of Squirel

Level 29

----Quintessence of the Puma

Level 30

----Quintessence of Wolf
----Venom Spray

Level 31

----Light Nature Regrowth

Level 32

----Light Nature Restoration

Level 33

----Biting Bugs

Level 34

----Piercing Brier

Level 35

----Venom Cloud
----Summon Wolf

Level 36

----Lesser Poisoned Weapons
----Summon War Boar

Level 37

----Quintessence of the Jaguar
----Summon Puma

Level 38

----Quintessence of the Eagle
----Magic Snare

Level 39

----Quintessence of the Cheetah

Level 40

----Mind of the Bull
----Bronze Skin

Level 41

----Mind of the Cat

Level 42

----Mind of the Bear

Level 43

----Mind of the Fox

Level 44

----Mind of the Owl

Level 45

----Mind of the Peacock
----Poison Fang

Level 46

----Mind of the Monkey

Level 47

----Mind of the Crocodile

Level 48

----Mind of the Squirel

Level 49

----Mind of the Puma

Level 50

----Mind of the Wolf
----Poison Wave

Level 51

----Nature Regrowth

Level 52

----Nature Restoration

Level 53

----Insect Cloud

Level 54

----Thistle Barrier

Level 55

----Poison Cloud
----Summon Dire Wolf

Level 56

----Poisoned Weapons
----Summon Brown Bear

Level 57

----Mind of the Jaguar
----Summon Tiger

Level 58

----Mind of the Eagle
----Greater Magic Snare

Level 59

----Mind of the Cheetah

Level 60

----Spirit of the Bull
----Iron Skin

Level 61

----Spirit of the Cat

Level 62

----Spirit of the Bear

Level 63

----Spirit of the Fox

Level 64

----Spirit of the Owl

Level 65

----Spirit of the Peacock
----Poison Blast

Level 66

----Spirit of the Monkey

Level 67

----Spirit of the Crocodile

Level 68

----Spirit of the Squirel

Level 69

----Spirit of the Puma

Level 70

----Spirit of the Wolf
----Poison Splash

Level 71

----Greater Nature Regrowth

Level 72

----Greater Nature Restoration

Level 73

----Stinging Swarm

Level 74

----Bramble Wall

Level 75

----Poison Storm
----Summon Great Wolf

Level 76

----Greater Poisoned Weapons
----Summon Great Bear

Level 77

----Spirit of the Jaguar
----Summon Great Lion

Level 78

----Spirit of the Eagle
----Lesser Entrapment

Level 79

----Spirit of the Cheetah
----Tectonic Tremor

Level 80

----Soul of the Bull
----Steel Skin

Level 81

----Soul of the Cat

Level 82

----Soul of the Bear

Level 83

----Soul of the Fox

Level 84

----Soul of the Owl

Level 85

----Soul of the Peacock
----Venom of the Snake

Level 86

----Soul of the Monkey

Level 87

----Soul of the Crocodile

Level 88

----Soul of the Squirel

Level 89

----Soul of the Puma

Level 90

----Soul of the Wolf
----Torrent of Poison

Level 91

----Superior Nature Regrowth

Level 92

----Superior Nature Restoration

Level 93

----Creeping Doom

Level 94

----Wall of Thorns

Level 95

----Poison Scourge
----Summon Whitefang

Level 96

----Envenomed Weapons
----Summon Titanpaw

Level 97

----Soul of the Jaguar
----Summon Silvermane

Level 98

----Soul of the Eagle

Level 99

----Soul of the Cheetah
----Tectonic Shock

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