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Update 0.95beta

Postby Moshu-X » Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:38 pm

Here is the Chapter 3 fellow dungeon raiders:

The continent of Scullon, where a great mountain of the same name witnessed countless battles between giants and dragons, elves and lizardmen. Today a battle between numerous factions will determine the future of the Emerald continent. The Aegean Empire is threatened by the Simian uprising, the Orkans are on the brink of extinction, the Emerald City is now a haven for raiders and pirates while the Moon Elves seems unmoved by the upcoming calamity...

The watchful eye of Minas Ithil, the moon elven watchtower of Scullon would serve no purpose if the Empire would abandon Scullon to the self proclaimed Pirate King and his warlords. Orkans and the Simians, long opressed by all, has now taken up arms and will fight for their freedom, even if the Imperial Agandarian armies should fall. What will happen on Scullon is hard to foretell, one thing is sure blood will be spilled once more on the former kingdom of Medreth the Vile, to the great pleasure of the Dragon deities and necromancers.

- 3 new playable races: the Simian rebels, the Ogre raiders and the Winter Elves (aka Moon Elves).
- New Barbarian class available for the Ogre and Simian Race
- New continent of Scullon available through the Map Interface
- New dungeons on Scullon, 40 over dungeons
- Elite DM could have a secondary dungeon, create it through the Map Interface
- Secondary Dungeon could level up with Platinum.
- Move your dungeon to a new location on the Map Interface
- New monsters: Trolls, Naiads, Dryads, Lamia, Giant Toads, Yeti and more.
- New Tiles and Wall types with a jungle/ruined temple theme
- New dungeon decorations like tents, elven wall weapons, jungle door and more
- New dungeon images to choose from

As usual please let me know asap of any bugs ;)

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