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Update 0.94beta

Postby Moshu-X » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:45 pm

Hello dungeon raiders, last week I've been working on a few goodies. Here are the updates:

>>guild creators could remove any unwanted/inactive members by clicking on the delete button from the members listing.
>>gain 50 Guild exp when you conquer a dungeon

>>Rescue quest type (DM level 21). Create a quest character to be saved by adventurers. This character will placed on Rescue Tiles, or next to the dungeon main character. Please check your dungeon in builder mode for the new flag rescue tile button. Rescue quest character can't attack or cast spells. They have to be approached to be liberated. Once free he could move to evade attacks from npc. Complete the dungeon to validate the quest (the prisoner must be alive).
>>Lead quest type (DM level 40). Create a quest character for this quest type. This character will appear on the starting tiles among the party of adventurers. He could fight and cast spells and will have the same level with your main character. Complete the dungeon to validate the quest (the quest character must be alive).
>>Rescue and Lead quests may be available in the Daily mission lists.
>>You could use your own dungeon for quest, but quests involving your own dungeon will yield less DM exp.

>>Listing booster to have your dungeon on the first page in the dungeon listing (your dungeon will appear in the Event bar).

>>Store items in the vault to free more inventory space. The vault slots are activated with platinum coins, and they come by 10 slots per vault level. The vault should be near the Daily missions in the city

Please thoroughly empty your browser cache if you don't see any changes.

Do let me know of any bugs. Enjoy! 8-)

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