Building a Party

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Building a Party

Postby QeoSereai » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:03 pm

So you have made your Mainchar, and set up your dungeon. Don´t forget to buy your Char at least a Weapon, or he will do no Damage (1 point is more or less nothing in this game).

Next you will need is gold, for this you can make the tutorial quests. Do the first two on hard difficulty, so you will gain more xp, and in the first two are no enemies, so nothing to fear about. And don´t forget to loot every container you can find (gives you search xp aswell and a bit goldcoins).

Now its time to build a party.

You can have up to 2 Followers, and i recommend to start up with a 3 man party as soon as you can afford it.

First of all, its good to have Facebook Friends playing this game. Even if you can only get two of your Facebook Friends to just create a Character it will do you a great favor.

Facebook Friend Characters are Veteran rank and recroutable at the Tavern.

That means: They can level up to 20 20 (main and secondary class) like your main Character and have slightly more Health Fatigue and Mana than normal recruits.
It costs platinum to recrout them, but its worth it 1000 times.

In the worst case you can´t find anyone in your Facebook list that would do you a 10 minutes favor (creating a character). In this case you have to recrout normal NPCs. They can only go to LvL 10 in their multiclass. I´d recommend to make ingame friends then, and ask them if they would friend you at Facebook to replace the normal NPCs with Veteran recrouits later.

You have a Party of 3 now, what is next?

Next you will want to do is resetting your Mainchars Stats, Skills and Feats.

Clear-all-stats-01.JPG (17.2 KiB) Viewed 4944 times

This is done in the Characters - Stats screen, with the Button "Clear all Stats".

Why that? Well you will have placed some points in "Open Lock", "Search", "Disable Device" and "Spot" yet. I recommend to have one Party Member to max out this skills (holding them on his level). This Member detects hidden people and traps, open doors and locked containers, disarm traps and collects the loot.
This way your other Party Members have skillpoints for more needed skills and dont need to bother this ones.
For this every non caster class fits. Magic users need at least "Concentration" and "Knowledge" maxed, and as you get 5 skillpoints each Level it explains itself why they can´t be the looters.

Next is to be sure what Dualclass each Character will be at level 11.

Its useless to train Feats to a Fighter for example that will dualclass Archer to become a heavy armored range attacker, except of armor feats.
You will get no feat points when your secondary class levels, so be sure if you want to have some feats of your secondary class to save up some points for it.

Thats it, more or less.

Congratulations, if you have done all steps you have a party to compete in the rough world of Dungeon Raider.
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Re: Building a Party

Postby Damodread » Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:15 pm

Non veteran henchmen can level to level 20 but there multi class is capped at level 10.
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Re: Building a Party

Postby QeoSereai » Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:28 pm

Ah thx i´ll edit that right away.

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Re: Building a Party

Postby Moshu-X » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:45 pm

Friend veteran characters are only purchasable with platinum now -_-

Great job with the guides, I couldn't have done better ^^

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