How to get people to visit my dungeon

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How to get people to visit my dungeon

Postby QeoSereai » Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:01 am

So you have build up your dungeon, but you are missing visitors? Here are some tips how to raise your daily visits.

First of all, have you placed your main character in your dungeon? If not, nobody can visit you. You can access your mainchar at the rooster button in dungeon building and place him somewhere on the green dots that appear when clicking him.

Second, people have to have your location. You have some dungeons found yet? Visit them, they get a message and might see your dungeon then. Make friends with them, invite them, more that they deny your request cannot happen ;).
If you have made some friends invite them to your dungeon.

Third, make a topic in the "present your dungeon" section here in the forums. Insert a short description (or copy/paste your description from your dungeon). Dont forget to include your location, aswell as some infos that might attract ppl to visit you.
Here you can see my dungeon description for reference, how you can do it maybe.
For best result link this topic in your forum signature (watch mine for example).

Fourth, ask your friends if they make a quest leading to your dungeon, best made as followup quest to one of their dungeon quests. This way explorers of their dungeon will come to yours after that.

Fifth, make your dungeon attractive for visitors. Add some lootable objects and raise the lootlevel. Place some npcs so its a bit challenging and gives good xp.

Thats it for now, if someone has more tips to share feel free to reply, ill edit them in the main topic then ;).

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