Hermit wizards cave

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Hermit wizards cave

Postby Valcarg » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:46 pm


A cave of recluse hermit that used to be extremely wealthy adventurer, that had enough of fighting as well as people and just went to live in a cave for few decades, give or take few dozen years.


-As much loot items as I can afford, you are going to wizard hermits cave after all, he collects stuff.
- rather funky and disturbing notes.
- Lot of dialogue and messages, even on spots you normally wouldn't explore.
- Story that will expand the quests due time ( dm lv and gold)

I upgraded the hermit cave quite a bit, there are now two quests for the place as well.

- Finding a hermit friend
and the follow up to that you will find out yourself ^^

First one is about finding a friend that missed a wedding and second about finding out why the friend is bit err... more unique, than usual.

Future expansions will deliver : Lot more notes ( I love me notes), lot more dialogue ( I love me dialogue too !), and some rather disturbing watery areas with a hint of madness..

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