Gromilars hold

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Gromilars hold

Postby kilantolshi » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:13 pm

Gromilar's Hold is based atop an old abandoned mine, some claim this mine is haunted, others say it's the remnants of a Palanian operation. whichever is true, Gromilar now owns it and he is continually seeking help to find ways to dig deeper into the mine. As such he is often gone from the mine for months at a time, and more often than not he returns to find it overrun with bandits.

(quests change every Saturday!)

located at 5,2

dungeon lvl: 20
number of mobs: 21
number of lootables: 39 (all at 20+ DM bonus perks)
number of traps: 4 (3 at max lvl, so be careful!)
highest lvl lock on a door: 7 (you can use lever to bypass) otherwise 4.
current bandit lieutenants: Ilde, Peach, and Tazil
number of quests: varies, changes weekly.
quest reward types: Gold, armor and weapons! oh my!

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